Health/Dental Insurance

What is Health and Dental Insurance?

One of the most common associations we have with the term health and dental insurance is critical care & hospitalization. Health insurance caters to ensuring affordability when faced with a major health condition or a critical illness. Medical treatment, procedures and prescriptions can be extremely expensive and a health and dental insurance policy offsets these expenses. By taking the financial burden away from you and your family, you can concentrate on the all-important task of medical recovery

Dental insurance, however, is quite different in terms of seriousness and criticality. As dental care is primarily preventive in nature, regular check-ups and cleanings ensure a drastic reduction in the incidence of future problems. And although healthcare surely encompasses check-ups, it is typically cure-based rather than preventive

Combining health and dental insurance in one policy is sensible as it brings together two vital aspects of your overall well-being. Having a combined health and dental insurance plan will put you in contact with your insurance company more often than if you had a regular health insurance policy. You also have the convenience of communicating with just one agency on a regular basis

Most medium and large companies offer health and dental insurance for all their employees. This is a means of ensuring the health of the employees and keeping them happy and productive. The large number of employees in most employer-sponsored plans gives them a valuable bargaining chip bringing down the cost of health and dental insurance. Insuring large groups also offer the insurance company the ability to spread the risk and reduce the probability of claims

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