Commercial Auto

Why Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

You wouldnt dream of driving your personal automobile without insurance. Its just as important to protect your company vehicles. Even if you have personal auto insurance, you still need commercial auto insurance. Thats because vehicles involved in an accident while engaged in company business may not be covered by your personal insurance. To make matters worse, you could be charged with misrepresentation if youve placed a vehicle you use for commercial purposes under your personal auto policy.

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

There is a variety of coverages for your commercial autos, and your agent or broker can help you choose the right one. The discussion should include business-use autos, pickups, vans, trucks and non-owned and rented vehicles. You may also want to include a conversation about non-owned vehicles when employees use their own vehicles to run errands; and rented vehicles when an employee travels and needs to rent a car.

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Please note: Commercial auto covers specific vehicles and specific drivers. If you are constantly changing company drivers, you might consider a BOP policy. Consult with our specialist about this coverage