800-insurance represents Mercury Insurance


We are proud to represent Mercury Insurance as one of our insurance companies. Mercury insurance is a reputable company offers competitive auto, home and many other products.

If you would like to get a quote from Mercury Insurance, please contact us:

Toll Free: 1(800)Insurance (in CA)
Direct: 415-928-2886

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For those of you who have been our client knows how competitive our auto, home and business insurance products are. We hope you also realize that our clients are very important to us and you are very satisfied with our service.
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Phone: 415-928-2886
Toll Free: 1(800)Insurance

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How well do you shop for your insurance?


When was the last time you re-shopped your insurance?

If you are a customer of 800-insurance, Great News!!!

We shop your insurance thru multiple insurance companies and find you insurance company that would provide you the coverage you are looking for at the best rate. It does not stop there: will re-shop your insurance policy at every renewal.
Others would probably call 2-3 insurance companies and get a few quotes online before they buy their insurance policy and most of the time would not re-shop at renewals. Well, it's perfect time to contact 800-insurance.
Visit or call 1(800)Insurance (1-800-467-8726).

Anything changed in your life since you received a quote last time?

I bet you did your homework and shopped thru many insurance companies for your auto, home or business insurance a few years ago and very proud that you got the best deal.
The question is: Do you still think you got the best deal? Lots might have changed in your life that may lead you to shop your insurance policy again. Well, insurance companies' rates change all the time as well.

It could be the right time to re-shop your insurance policy if you:
- Got married
- Bought or sold a car
- Had some of those tickets and/or accidents fall off your driving record
- Moved to a new home, condo or appartment
- Added or removed drivers from your policy

Again, if you are insured thru 800-insurance, you are in good shape since we re-shop your insurance policy thru multiple, most reputable insurance companies on your behalf.
If you are not insured thru 800-insurance, Call us toll free: 1(800)Insurance or direct: 415-928-2886

You can get free, no-obligation insurance quote on your auto, home or business insurance in minutes that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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If you have never been a client of 800-insurance
no longer a client of 800-insurance,

here is your chance to get a free quote by calling Toll Free 1(800)Insurance and get a quote for your Auto, Home or Business Insurance.

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Here is the number to call: 1(800)INSURANce or local: (415) 928 2886


If you are currently a client of 800-insurance,

First of all, we wanted to say Thank you for being a client. We work very hard to maintain your policies at the lowest rate at all the time by shopping and re-shopping your insurance policies as the changes happen in your life and at each and every renewal.

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Toll Free: 1(800)INSURANce
Local: (415) 928 2886

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Despite economical slow down, the demand of obtaining insurance thru is growing. We are looking to hire licensed agents that are experienced in auto, home and business insurance. Contact Slava Hreski at slava [at] to learn more about positions we have available. is pleased to partner with

10.22.2008 is pleased to partner with to assist clients out of California to obtain affordable business insurance and home insurance. partnered with

10.01.2008 partnered with to help clients get affordable car insurance nationwide.
Now consumers can get instant quote and buy car insurance policy instantly online not only in California but in all US States nationwide using car insurance quoting engine supported by

Smart™ Car coverage is now available online...

05.06.2008 has enabled online quotes and coverage for the newest Smart™ vehicles, which appeared to be hard to cover product. Consumers can instantly get a quote and coverage for their new toy.

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We welcome every customer to our new facebook application! Web address for the application is . Now you can enjoy even more solid features and incredible prices right from your favorite social places.