Which company has the best rate?

Insurance industry is completely controlled by the government. As a customer you should understand, that rates are regulated and always changing. Insurance companies only follow the industry rules and have to be competitive
Insurance rates depend on many factors: age, violations, vehicle you drive, your marital status, the area you live, coverage requested and other factors. During 2006 year in California there was a big discussion on eliminating zip code factor

Since insurance rates change, you might consider to check your rate upon renewal. Northbay Auto Insurance Center, Inc has come up with solution where you, as a customer, have ability to instantly check the rate from almost all TOP insurance companies. And we allow our visitors to instantly purchase the policy, from the company you prefer

Please remember, violations significantly raise your premium, therefore there are standard market programs and non-standard programs

Northbay Auto Insurance Center, Inc has both

That’s why we always come up with the right company at the right price

  • What is standard market?
    This term refer to the companies that prefer good drivers, with no violations and accidents
  • What is non-standard market?
    This term refer to the companies that work specifically with drivers, who have 1, 2 or more points on their record, including at-fault accidents and DUIs

For all the reasons above, there is no such a thing as “best rate” and always from the same insurance company

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