Letter from the President

Welcome and thank you for visiting Northbay Auto Insurance Center, Inc. Over the last year, we spent a great deal of time, attention and financial resources to redefine our company’s role within the insurance industry. At the heart of all of the changes has been a shift in the company's priority for customer service. We strive for perfection and want nothing less than 110% customer satisfaction.

The people behind Northbay Auto Insurance Center, Inc have the drive, accountability, and competence you can depend on – a team that is dedicated to exceed your expectations for quality, customer service and support. From our sales representatives to our technical support and special advisors, we listen, respond and continually strive to earn your confidence and cater to your needs.

My primary duty as the President is to listen to you, my valued customer. This year my focus is on finding innovative ways to improve our level of customer service and broaden the range of insurance products we offer, striving to be your one-stop destination to address all your insurance needs. Most importantly, we will work closely with you to make sure your insurance is more affordable and less stressful.

In all, Northbay Auto Insurance Center, Inc is here to excel beyond the industry standards and customer expectations. I want to thank our customers for their business and support. If you can think of any way for us to improve our services or if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me directly via email. We care what you think because we do it for you!


800-insurance Team