Safeco Review

  • 24/7 Claims
  • Web Payments
  • Pay via Phone
  • Roadside Coverage
  • Rental Coverage
  • Multiple Product

They focus on providing the insurance products that matter most to consumers auto, homeowners and small-business policies. Their business helps people protect what they value and deal with the unexpected.

At Safeco, they are intent on offering the best mix of insurance coverages and pricing, and fulfilling the promise of their products when a loss occurs. Their most visible product is the personalized service and support they provide when a customer files a claim whether its a fender-bender or the loss of a home. Safeco have a history of thoughtful claims resolution, and they have earned a reputation for fairness that they work hard to uphold every day.

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Address: 4333 Brooklyn Avenue NE Seattle, WA 98185
Phone: (206) 545-5000