Originally founded as Northbay Auto Insurance Center by Boris Berman in 1992. Boris provided the residents of San Francisco with Auto Insurance at the office located in the heart of Downtown San Francisco. Being strategically located nearby the DMV, his success and steady growth lead him to build a team of highly motivated associates, which lead to the growth of Northbay Auto Insurance Center to transform and adopt the marketing name of 800-Insurance in the early 2000s.

Now with our Headquarters located in Daly City, we’ve expanded our services to a full line of Financial Services and Insurance Products.

Our proud team of agents prefer themselves to be known as friends and advisors by our clients. The retention of our agents is very high because of the valuable relationships built through the years with our clients. We also pride ourselves from being different from most agents in the marketplace, because we educate first, and let our clients then decide what is appropriate for their specific needs.

We enjoy our evolving family-like culture and steadily growing company. We look forward to many more decades of service to our community.


Here at 800-Insurance, we have created a culture of devotion to educate every person we come across, whether they become our client and or not. Being in the industry with over a hundred years of collective experience, we’ve directly seen what proper protection has done to avoid unnecessary burden and hardship to people. As well as seeing how the lack of knowledge about coverage and the true value of insurance, can lead to a family’s greatest nightmare.

We strive to educate first, almost to a point that we insist our clients to take the time and learn a bit more with every interaction. It’s only through educating our clients will we be providing the true service of an advisor and agent. The vision and mission of 800-Insurance is to make sure 100% of our clients know about how they can protect themselves against the risks of loss, from every angle. So that they can continue to live life with peace of mind, which helps them focus on living the beautiful life that everyone deserves.